IXYS パワーセミコンダクタおよび IC

IXYS とリテルヒューズの製品カタログ統合

IXYS products are being integrated into the Littelfuse online product catalog. The links below will guide you toward the product information you're looking for during this transition period.
リテルヒューズのウェブサイトにて取り扱い開始: IXYS Discrete MOSFETs, IXYS Discrete IGBTs, IXYS System Stacks Assemblies and IXYS Rectifier Diodes – Stud and Capsule Types. Some additional IXYS parts can also be found in Discrete Diodes, Diode Modules, Discrete Thyristors and Thyristor Modules.

その他すべての IXYS 電源デバイスに関する情報は IXYS.com でご覧いただけます